2024 7th International Conference on Civil Engineering

Aug. 10-12, 2024 Chengdu, China
Poster Presentation

2023 6th International Conference on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (MGMTENTR2023) sincerely invites scholars and experts in related fields around the world to submit their latest and original research papers and make poster presentations in the conference.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

Submit a full paper to make a poster presentation

Submit an abstract to make a poster presentation

Note: The full papers/abstracts that have been officially published can also be presented as posters at the conference.

Participation Steps for Poster Presenters

1. Authors can submit full papers/abstracts and participate in poster presentations.

2. The organizing committee will send an invitation letter after the full paper/abstract is accepted.

3. Poster presenters need to prepare a poster and submit it to the organizing committee (The poster template will be provided about 2-3 weeks before the conference).

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